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“The Future of Fashion “

“Digital Fashion for me was an intersection between art and textile and technology,” says Shiole. After working as a fashion illustrator she wanted her designs to have “more life in them”, which led her to work at a VR/AR company as an illustrator. 

Idiat Shiole, who goes by HADEEART, is a Nigerian-based emerging freelance virtual fashion designer. Her work is inspired by African society and the Nigerian fabric Ankara, which she elaborated on when I had the chance to speak with her. “For me, it was important to showcase this in my clothing from a unique perspective based on the cuts and structure of our traditional garments instead of just the usual Ankara prints and styles.” It is clear her background in textile design is shown through her work.

Shiole recalled, “Back then I would draw my fashion ideas and print while wearing the (AR) headset and using a Tilt Brush application.” She then ended up researching 3D and what it could mean for fashion. “Then I came across Marvelous Designer 


“Staying Strong”

I  believe the past year has been full of ups and downs which has shed more light on digital fashion and its opportunities. During these years, I have also seen more women to explore these opportunities.  

I wanted to explore what the future of digital fashion might look like for women in particular, how it will allow us, women, to embrace one another because I believe digital fashion knows no race or tribe and this will bring about more unity in the world.

It will allow women to embrace new methods of self-expression, and not limiting themselves to the physical realm alone. Our clothes could now become a means of communication, expression and art instead of just wearable material. ”Staying Strong” is imagining a future where women can be whatever and whoever they want to be, helping one another not just in the physical world but also digitally.

I was inspired by the thought of women empowering one another. Thanks to The Fabricant for the opportunity.


 Ìmísí Yusiro

I just launched a collection on called Ìmísí Yusiro which means Inspiration from Yusirat. Ìmísí Yusiro represents the story of a young Nigerian textile artist whose works are inspired by local culture and techniques reinvented in a modern way in which textiles can be used for human portraits. 

Ìmísí Yusiro is a digital collection reflecting how the Nigerian textile designer (Yusirat) creates her artworks, her attention to details to create these portraits.

Ìmísí Yusiro  is a digital-only collection that explores the creation of prints from the Nigerian textile artist Yusirat. The collection aims to preach that textile can be beyond fabrics and also fashion can be beyond what we know and see now. The collection consists of five designs namely; Ìmísí, Àrà, You See, Èdá and Ìròrùn. The collection is flowy pieces designed in such a way that they can be worn for all occasions. The colours used in the collection illustrate warmth and nature but in their vibrant forms. The fabrics and materials used mainly represent silk and cotton. Relaxed sophistication is the aim. No physical resources are used in production.100% Digital clothes. 100%-eco.

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