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Few Words About the brand HADEEART ATELIER

A creative startup of our time called HADEEART ATELIER has been given an enormous task of redefining fashion culture in a way that expresses our humanity in the digital era.

HADEEART ATELIER is a creative startup dedicated to developing virtual apparel and people. The startup envisioned a perfect society in which the gap between the real and the virtual one would be eliminated and where avatars and clothing would be an element of daily life.

At HADEEART ATELIER, the core value and vision is the growth of a great digital civilization within the fashion industry.

Few Words About HER Shiole idiat (HADEEART )

Idiat Shiole popularly called Hadeeart is a Web3 Startup Founder and virtual fashion designer, who is passionate about art and technology in the fashion industry. She specializes in the creation of 3D virtual garments and XR technologies.

Over the years, She has contributed enormously to the fashion XR space through Hadeeart Atelier, earning several featured correspondences in publications and newspapers like Quartz Africa, Fashion Network, The Guardian, This Day Live, OkayAfrica, and Africa XR Report, where she has immensely contributed her voice to the growing digital fashion in Africa.

She has now founded Thehacedor her second startup after Hadeeart Atelier, which emerge out of the need to develop innovative solutions to revolutionize the arts of commerce, communication, co-creation, and culture in the digital space where she designed several solutions targeted at the fashion industry.

Welcome to her reality – the intersection between Technology, Art, Fashion, and Games.

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