About Me

I am a visionary virtual 3D designer, passionate about the intersection of technology, art, fashion, and games. Throughout my career, I have continuously pushed the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the digital space, specializing in 3D virtual designs and XR technologies.

My contributions to the fashion XR space have gained widespread recognition, with features in prestigious publications such as Quartz Africa, Fashion Network, The Guardian, This Day Live, OkayAfrica, and Africa XR Report. I have become a prominent voice in the digital fashion industry, both in Africa and on a global scale.

The honor of being recognized as a global talent recipient further solidifies my exceptional skills and expertise in the field. With this recognition, I have ventured into the United Kingdom, seeking fresh opportunities to channel my passion and creativity.

Moreover, my experience as a 3D apparel operator intern at Adidas has provided me with valuable insights into the inner workings of the fashion industry. It has allowed me to refine my skills as a 3D designer and deepen my understanding of the industry's dynamics.

Join me on an exhilarating journey into the future, where imagination knows no bounds and creativity reigns supreme. Together, we will reshape the world of fashion through cutting-edge technology and unparalleled artistic vision. Welcome to my world—where innovation meets inspiration.

Idiat Shiole (Hadeeart)
Inspiring a Digital Fashion Revolution

Immerse yourself in my captivating reality—the captivating crossroads of technology, art, fashion, and games. Explore my portfolio and witness firsthand the transformative power of my visionary designs and immersive experiences.

Idiat Shiole (Hadeeart)

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