My Africa / Print Prototype

My Africa is a three-dimensional artistic project devoted to two of my greatest passions: Surface design and Accessory design. The prints have been around for a long time, but they appear to be brand new. I incorporated my findings into the collection after studying the technologies and constructions used to create old and new African prints. I wanted to push myself to the limit and venture into uncharted territories by creating every single aspect of the prints in this project from scratch.

My Africa - Print Prototype
13 SEP 2021

We are in the midst of a golden age of digital exploration and technology, but we are still confronted with the greatest mystery of our time: the global waste crisis. Working with 3D technology significantly reduces the amount of time spent working and the amount of waste generated. As a result, this project is entirely 3D


I experimented with various fabric treatments in order to capture the beautiful surface of the prints. The majority of the range is made up of single-layer cotton fabrics with reflective ink printed on them. This ink spreads and produces surface textures shortly after. This combination gives each garment a distinct glow that adapts to various lighting conditions. Other garments have a high-reflective graphic covering. Creating a one-of-a-kind burned fabric effect.


Every project is a step toward creating long-lasting products that have a lower environmental impact and are unaffected by fashion trends. For the past few years, I’ve been researching 3D technology because of my interest in print, accessory and digital creation tools. My goal is to link the digital tools of the video game industry with those of the fashion industry. This creative and fascinating design process has given me a completely new perspective and creative independence. As a result, I’m in the midst of a never-ending phase in which I try to strike a balance between the benefits of modern software combined with fashion ideas and visualizations.