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Hey everyone, I’m Hadeeart the founder of Hadeeart Atelier and The Hacedor, a Digital Fashion Creator and an XR advocate. I am passionate about art and technology within the fashion and game industry. I love to transform, translate and transfer skills in different digital software to uplift myself with new art forms. Welcome to my reality, the intersection between Technology, Fashion and Games.

I’ve recently minted few pieces please check below

SEASON zero/one

Co-created with the fabricant studio for season zero and season one with other creators, you can get this creation on The fabricant marketplace. 

                    STAYING STRONG

“Staying Strong” is imagining a future where women can be whatever and whoever they want to be, helping one another not just in the physical world but also digitally.


The world in me is inspired by a woman with confidence and purpose. She rules her world, she makes her own decision and the world revolves around her finger. She is the world. It is in five editions. This is 1 of 5, and each buyer will get the source file!


By reimagining/recreating the past and reinventing the future, the black future is an embodiment of Awele’s journey towards the Afro-Diasporic experience. It honors the black imagination, conjuring ancestral power through black dreams, and redefining black subjectivity.

Reimagine Tradition

This artwork exemplifies a cultural aesthetic that addresses the African experience through science fiction, technology, history, and mysticism. It is art that reflects a visionary world that shamelessly embraces Black individuality, inventiveness

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