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Overproduction has become the norm in many businesses nowadays. The fashion business is one of the most important. But, thanks to rapidly improving technologies, there is a simple method to stop the worrisome rise —


Currently, the industry generates more than 92 million tonnes of waste per year, the majority of which is for samples that never leave the design room. In the face of this 3D design, a tangible, quantifiable solution that is accessible to all in the business and makes a difference to the world and people is presented.

3D design and immersive technology have been the major innovation in fashion history. I am here to show forward-thinking businesses how to stay on top.

If you consider making your business sustainable, the transformation from 2D to 3D is an efficient way to achieve it, with the aid of 3D software and immersive technologies.

My services are divided into two stages which will be further broken down into segments


The Future , new you

3D Consultancy

———– Analysis

Understand the principles of 3D and how they can benefit your internal processes, from product design to marketing and to product sales.

———– Plan

Plan Delivering ready-to-use, world-class, 3D assets.

———– Validate

Evaluation of established technological solutions

———– Implement

Begin with important initiatives: those that do well in the “investment vs. benefit” assessment.

Think fashion, think digital

3D Solutions

———– 3D Modelling

The virtual depiction of the forms and structure of everything fashion.

———– Textures

The virtual depiction of the product’s materials, colours, and patterns.

———– Rendering

Making stunning images of your 3D product

———– Immersive

Utilize technological innovation tools to embed 3D items in visualization and interactive experiences such as animations, short films AR and VR etc

The future of digital fashion is the new you with a new experience

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